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Robbie: Don't worry, Alexandra. We'll find the owner.
Alexandra: How, Robbie?
Robbie: Let me think.
Alexandra: Gemma, sit. Good Gemma.Give me your paw.Good Gemma.This dog is well trained.
Robbie: With a little help from the ASPCA, the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals. They're the ones.We once found a cat. She was caught in the branches of our tree.And Dad called the ASPCA.They came and solved the
Alexandra: Robbie, let's call them.
Robbie: Let me see-ASPCA……Here it is.ASPCA Animal Shelter. 555-7700.
Linda: Hello, ASPCA.
Robbie: Hello,my name is Robbie Stewart. I have a lost dog I'd like to bring to you. How late are you open?
Linda: We're open till nine P.M.
Robbie: Thank you. I'll bring the dog over by nine.
Linda: Thanks. Bye.
Robbie: Thanks. Good-bye.
Alexandra: They're still open?
Robbie: They're open until nine 0'clock. We have two and a half hours. Let's take Gemma by there now. They'll find the owner.
Alexandra: I hope so. I'm so sad to see this little dog without her family.
Robbie: I'm sure they'll find the owner . But if they don't, I'll adopt her. She's so cute. Look at those eyes. She's hard to resist .Don't you just love her?
Alexandra: I'd like to keep her, too. But I'll be going home to Greece at the end of the semester. She just wants love and affection.Come on, Robbie. Let's get her to the animal shelter, so they can find her owners quickly. Don't worry, Gemma. We'll get you home. It's not easy being away from home.
Robbie: Come on, Poochie. Atta girl! Let's go .We're off to the animal shelter.
Linda: Your name?
Robbie: Robbie Stewart. And this is Alexandra Pappas.
Linda: Your name will do, Mr.Stewart. Your address?
Robbie: 46Linden Street, Riverdale.
Linda: Where did you find the dog?
Alexandra: She found us.
Linda: You tried calling the number on the collar?
Robbie: Yes, but the number's no longer in service.
Linda: And there's no address on the dog tag?
Alexandra: There's no other information.
Linda: No ID number. Without that, it's hard.
Alexandra: You will try to find the dog's owner.
Linda: Oh, we'll try, believe me.
Robbie: And if you don't?
Linda: Yes?
Robbie: If you don't…… can I……can I adopt the dog?
Linda: Why, yes. If the owners don't claim the dog in forty-eight hours, then you can apply for adoption.
Robbie: How do I do that?
Alexandra: You really want to?
Robbie: Yes. I'm serious. If no one comes to claim Gemma, I'd like to adopt her.
Linda: It's not diffcult.
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