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36. The professor could hardly find sufficient grounds _______ his arguments in favour
of the new theory.
A) to be based on
B) to base on
C) which to base on
D) on which to base
37. There are signs _______ restaurants are becoming more popular with families.
A) that
B) which
C) in which
D) whose
38. I think I was at school, _______ I was staying with a friend during the vacation
when I heard the news.
A) or else
B) and then
C) or so
D) even so
39. It is said that the math teacher seems _______ towards bright students.
A) partial
B) beneficial
C) preferable
D) liable
40. In order to show his boss what a careful worker he was, he took _______ trouble
over the figures.
A) extensive
B) spare
C) extra
D) supreme
41.——"May I speak to your manager Mr. Williams at five o'clock tonight?"
——"I'm sorry. M. Williams _______ to a conference long before then."
A) will have gone
B) had gone
C) would have gone
D) has gone
42. You _______ him so closely; you should have kept your distance.
A) shouldn't follow
B) mustn't follow
C) couldn't have been following
D) shouldn't have been following
43. The growth of parta2time and flexible working patterns, and of training and retraining schemes, _______ more women to take advantage of employment opportunities.
A) have allowed
B) allow
C) allowing
D) allows
44. Everybody _______ in the hall where they were welcomed by the secretary.
A) assembled
B) accumulated
C) piled
D) joined
45. Putting in a new window will _______ cutting away part of the roof.
A) include
B) involve
C) contain
D) comprise
46. Living in the western part of the country has its problems, _______ obtaining
fresh water is not the least.
A) with which
B) for which
C) of which
D) which
47. In the _______ of the project not being a success, the investors stand to lose up
to $30 million.
A) face
B) time
C) event
D) course
48. The manager would rather his daughter _______ in the same office.
A) had not worked
B) not to work
C) does not work
D) did not work
49. _______, he does get annoyed with her sometimes.
A) Although much he likes her
B) Much although he likes her
C) As he likes her much
D) Much as he likes her
50. The British constitution is _______ a large extent a product of the historical
events described above.
A) within
B) to
C) by
D) at
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